Office 365 subscription expires

Office 365 subscription expires

What happens when you Office 365 subscription expires?

Maybe you forgot to pay your Office 365 renewal invoice, or maybe you cancelled the subscription and now you want to start using it again.

Fortunately Office 365 has to go through multiple phases before everything is fully cancelled and deleted.

Below is a table that lists the phases and timing that an expired Office 365 subscription goes through when a renewal payment lapses.


Days State
1-30 days



All services and data are available (grace period).


31-120 days






All services and data are in a disabled state. Your data and emails are still in Office 365 but you cannot access them.


Day 121            All services will be cancelled and all data deleted over a period of a few days.


This shows that you can actually get everything back in order for up to 120 days after your subscription expires.

Your Office 365 Admin can probably get access to your Office 365 tenancy even though your subscription is not active so they are the first port of call.

After that if you can still not access your subscription then call Rosh-Tech for assistance.