Simple website maintenance

Simple website maintenance

With so many moving parts to a website it is crucial to have a simple website maintenance plan. Website platforms such as WordPress are constantly being updated as are the several Plugins your site uses. In addition, major components such as a webcart often have a far more complex structure that requires close attention.


Failure to maintain and keep the parts in order will result in website outages, or even annoying glitches such as completed contact forms not being delivered.


Other downsides of a website issues include

  • Cyber attacks: out of date security plugins make websites vulnerable to attack
  • Poorly functioning website: your website is a reflection of your company or brand and it needs to function professionally
  • Slow: simple updates make your website load faster for end users
  • Expensive repairs: if your website does go offline then it can be expensive to repair, not to mention the cost of being offline
  • SEO: keeping your website in order (eg: spam comments) will improve the site’s search listing


Below is a simple checklist for a simple website maintenance plan


  1. Basic usability testing
  2. All browser test
  3. Mobile test
  4. Page speed
  5. Contact forms
  6. Plugins
  7. WordPress versions
  8. Security updates
  9. Broken links
  10. Onsite backups
  11. Offsite backups
  12. Spam comments


Roshtech recommends that a simple website maintenance routine is performed quarterly and it should take approx. 2 hours. Any issues discovered will be fixed at the same time.

Talk to a Roshtech representative about how to put a simple website maintenance plan in place.