Windows End Of Support

Windows End Of Support

Windows End Of Support

Below are the Windows end of support dates for some Microsoft products. Make a note if you are running any of these products. If you are then it is worthwhile to put a plan in place to migrate onto a current version.

Once the products go end of support, it means the Microsoft won’t be providing any further support or security patches for them.

This is important because from a security perspective it makes them more attractive targets for hackers as they know that security vulnerabilities won’t be patched.


End of Support Life Dates

SQL Server 2008                     9 July 2019 (already expired)

Windows 7                                14 January 2020

Windows Server 2008R2      14 January 2020

Exchange Server 2010           14 January 2020

SQL Server 2012                     12 July 2022


What are your options?

The two main options are (a) upgrade to the later version of Windows, SQL or Exchange or (b) start moving your servers to the cloud.

Option (b) is probably a better idea if you currently have server hardware that is also close to expiry.