IT support services

Does your organisation need better support outcomes?

Complete IT support at a Fraction of the Cost of an Internal IT staff.

The Benefits …

  • Reduction in IT support costs : Rosh-Tech IT will reduce your IT support costs by taking a proactive approach to support. This means being on the front foot and in control of your IT systems.
  • Easy to manage : our support plans are simple to understand and flexible for every organisation.
  • Confidence : support outcomes will only be as good as the technical staff delivering them. Our skillsets give you the confidence that your investment in your IT systems is well managed.
  • Peace of mind : this comes with knowing that you have an experienced IT partner looking after your IT systems and providing you with the right technical advice, now and into the future.
  • Assurance : our services team provides a single-point managed solution for all of your IT systems, connectivity, data centre and cloud infrastructure needs. Whatever your technology needs are, we will support you.

What we do …

  • Technical resources : Rosh-Tech IT’s consultants have a wealth of experience managing all types of IT systems, applications and networks.
  • Projects : Rosh-Tech IT has almost 30 years’ experience in delivering successful projects. Use our resources to rollout your next new system or migration.
  • Proactive maintenance : we stay on the front foot with regards to maintenance. Our approach will provide you with better support outcomes at a reduced ongoing cost.
  • Fill short term vacancies : use our resources when yours are out of the office or you have excess demand.
  • Vendor management : do you grow tired of dealing with your technology vendors? (Eg: internet links, website, applications, hardware etc). Rosh-Tech IT will take away the worry and deal with the vendors on your behalf, leaving you to focus on running your business.
  • Guaranteed service levels : Rosh-Tech IT is committed to supporting customers with excellent service levels. See following table.
Reactive Service Levels Reports to Client Rosh-Tech IT action
Code 1: System down Initial response within 1 hour Updates every 4 hours Rosh-Tech IT to work within and outside of normal working hours until problem is identified and fixed
Code 2: Applications or functions unavailable Initial response within 2 hours Updates every working day Rosh-Tech IT to work within and outside of normal working hours until problem is identified and fixed
Code 3: Minor function affected but users can still perform most other tasks Initial response within 8 hours Rosh-Tech IT to work within normal working hours until problem is identified and fixed

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