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With over 30 years’ experience in managed IT services, Rosh-Tech IT has grown into a powerful one-stop-shop for all your IT needs. We love reliable, consistent business IT support and hate hidden fees. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering the best service possible at a low cost. Our skilled engineers support a wide range of vendors, applications and systems. You’re guaranteed to get expert level business IT services every time.

Benefits of choosing our managed IT solutions

  • Proven methods to save you money: We take a proactive approach to supporting your IT infrastructure. Preventing unexpected outages saves you valuable business hours and hefty support fees.
  • We’re your new IT department : We can manage everything you need. This includes vendor management, sourcing hardware and even filling short-term vacancies on site.
  • Guaranteed solutions: We guarantee a rapid response to all IT support cases. If a case is ongoing, we update you often, so you don’t need to chase us.
  • Peace of mind: With us you can rest assured you’re covered by an experienced leader in the IT industry now and into the future.
  • We’re local: We have technicians in Brisbane, the Gold Coast as well as Northern NSW and regularly work on the Sunshine Coast.
  • We understand SMBs: We specialise in supporting small to medium businesses with 5-200 staff.

What we do …

  • Expert IT support: Our support staff are experts in their field, guaranteeing quick and effective IT solutions.
  • Game changing projects: Delivering successful IT solutions is in our DNA. No matter how big or small, we have the right tools for the job.
  • Proactive maintenance : We are never reactive. Our team monitors the ins and outs of your infrastructure to ensure you never have to face a systems outage.
  • Total vendor control: Leave us to manage your third-party vendors, so you can focus on running your business.
  • Short term resources: If you ever find yourself needing a resource on-site, we can send someone who already knows your business.

Let’s face it, IT systems fail. A lot.

Without regular maintenance and monitoring, your IT network is a bomb waiting to go off and hurt your business. To put this into perspective, think of your business-critical server:

  • Do you know the status of the hard drives? Are you getting warnings of predicted failures?
  • Do you know the CPU temperatures of the server?
  • Are the backups healthy? When were they last tested?
  • Is the operating system up to date and secure against threats?
  • Are adjoining network devices and links healthy?

These are just a few things that every business must track to maintain a healthy IT network. IT outages are preventable, but not all businesses have the time and resources to help. That’s where we come in. With our proactive maintenance schedule, we take care of your infrastructure, so it never lets you down. The longer you don’t have this kind of maintenance in place, the more likely you are to fall victim to an outage.

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